We started to work with the client from the US. His request was to prepare a design for manufacturing (DFM). He had only the volume of the bottle he wants and approximately how it should be sealed. So we started with a rough concept idea and approximate product vision.

     The first task was to visualize what the client has in mind with technical nuances and show him how it will look. Then, make a prototype, test it, and repeat this sequence until we are satisfied.
    So we started to make different design variants, had three 3d printing loops and at the end found the right volume in the right shape of the bottle, which we liked both finally. So the client got printed this bottle, and we started to prepare everything for manufacturing.

     And Oops! The manufacturer said that the features we would like to see will be more expensive than the planned product price, so we decided to simplify Coldbrewer. So we have removed the inside thread from the bottle, reworked sealing, agreed with the manufacturer. And voila, you can buy a Cold brewer on our client websitepenguin.coffeeor onamazon page.

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