At first, client came to us with small request. To develop fast and reliable connection system, so each user could clip and unclip his personal brush head to the main body. It had to be fast from one hand and strong enough to keep the brush head in place.

     We designed for client 4 design concepts, produced the best one, tested and finished this first step and small sub project.

     After this small task, client involved our team in whole product design, starting from mechanical concept and electronics development. Ending by serial stage support, suppliers research and product testing. During concept phase was developed 5 robust concepts.

     Two of them was produced, manually adjusted in our metal shop in Ukraine and launched to make scope of planned durability tests to confirm that product will work according to requirements.

In the final pre-serial stage, after 6 month of work, prototype was fully adjusted and prepared for photo shooting, to start kickstarter campaign.

Serial design alignment and validation stage ongoing till this moment...

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