This product was an example of another kind of request when a client came to us with an already manufactured and ready-for crowdfunding product. But the problem was that it's didn't worked. There were too many parts, several issues like water leakage. Or another one - after one month of usage product doesn't function because of materials deformation.

So we took the idea and developed a more straightforward mechanism, reduced on 30% quantity of parts, and produced a pretty cheap prototype to validate mechanics.
The prototype showed promising results and was shipped to the client for the tests on his side. The client was delighted with it.

Then we found one more potential and decreased parts quantities on 2 more parts, which is pretty good when talking about serial manufacturing.
We already did manufacturing feasibility for injection molding, agreed on geometry and mold concept, did FEM simulations, and manufactured prototypes using serial materials to do validation testing. The prototype passed all the tests.
After that, we are prepared manufacturing documentation according to ISO standards and kicked-off molds manufacturing.
At this moment, we received first-off tool parts, tested them, and it works great. So soon, you can order ToiPal products from our client page:

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